Autumn Tammy

Photoshoot with Tammy, Ottawa, Ontario, 13 October 2014.

Back before this longgggg winter set in, I squeezed in an outdoor portrait shoot with Tammy among the Fall colours.  Through some cruel twist of fate that is my life, I've almost never been able to shoot at this time of year despite it being among the most amazing times for outdoor shoots.  This time I was determined to make it happen no matter what!  It was also good timing to catch Tammy before she left the country yet again!  :)

We spent the afternoon driving around rural west Ottawa (West Carleton) looking for nice locations.  We ended up at two, each with a different wardrobe look.  As "Murphy's Law of Photoshoot Weather" would have it, the location with the coat was warm and sunny while the location with the breezy red dress was cold and dreary.  Tammy was a real trooper as always and gritted through the chilliness in good humour and style—goosebumps and all!  ;)

All photos were lit by natural light and reflectors.