Tina's Summer

Photoshoot with Tina, Peterborough, Ontario, 12 July 2014.

As my life slowly returned to "normal" this summer following my house sale, I was finally able to pull off a photoshoot again.  This was my first outdoor shoot in over a year and, sadly, my *only* photoshoot from the entire summer of 2014.  :(

Figuring that simplicity was best for my return I went with the proven formula of pretty locations on a pretty day, with a pretty wardrobe for a pretty girl.  ;)  The lovely Tina arranged for all of these except the weather (and given she's an environ-men-tolo-gist I suspect she somehow arranged the weather as well), and we set set out shooting in some picturesque locations in and around Peterborough, using a single wardrobe throughout.  As usual the lighting was natural light controlled with reflectors. 

I can't say enough about Tina.  She is hands-down one of the most genuinely pleasant people I've ever met, model or otherwise.  Doing a photoshoot with her is pure magic, and a terrific reminder of why I pick up a camera.  I believe the photos attest to that.  :)