Kyle D Jackson

Kyle D JAckson

Photo by Marie-Claude Cardinal, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica, November 2008.

Photo by Marie-Claude Cardinal, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica, November 2008.



I make pretty rectangles 😊

female portraiture
( model portfolios | boudoir | intimate lifestyle | art nude )
adventure travel | motorsports | aviation


2009 Department of National Defence
Amateur Photographer of the Year

Not available for hire, at any price

(How's that for exclusive?)


artist                            geek

disciple of femininity πŸŽ€ anxiety wrestler

adventurer πŸ—Ώ butterfly chaser ❀

aerospace engineer πŸš€

photographer πŸ“·



(See what I did there?)

Mandatory selfie ;)

Mandatory selfie ;)

My greatest fear is succumbing to an ordinary life.


Female Portraiture

Over the past decade I've photographed models in Canada and the USA, ranging from full-time professionals to the merely curious. Photoshoots are all at once a creative outlet, an escape from the world, social connection, anxiety therapy, and intense personal expression. I prefer organic down-to-earth scenes that are relatable, approachable, and highlight a model's personality, no matter how reserved, intimate, or sexually expressive she chooses to be.



If you want to model for my projects
or expand your portfolio,
tell me how much and why, and put your best selfie forward. 
Convince me you're worth it, and you're probably right.

     Sea ice forming in the Neumayer Channel, Antarctica, 26 Nov 2008.

    Adventure Travel

    Photography and travel are seriously co-dependent! I prefer outdoor escapes and historical sites (crowds wear me out!). I've photographed the Yukon wild, the serenity of the american desert, and penguins on the icy shores of Antarctica. So many places still on the list!

     IMSA United SportsCar Championship races, Mosport, ON, 13 July 2014.


    I'm a long-time racing enthusiast and worked briefly in motorsports engineering. I've spent an insane amount of hours at race tracks, photographing race cars, trucks, motorcycles, even snowmobiles, usually with a close friend as shooting buddy. I know every inch of Mosport better than my own neighbourhood!

     Hamillton Airshow, Hamilton, ON, 16 June 2013.


    Aviation may be my first true love! I flew model planes at the abandoned airbase where I grew up, studied aerospace engineering, and now I'm a flight safety investigator. I don't photograph aircraft as often as I should, and I want to change that!



    Some quotes I like


    Work until you no longer need
    to introduce yourself.


    There’s no such thing as a slut.
    People like to fuck; get over it.


    If you’re looking for that one person who can change your life forever,
    take a look in the mirror.
    One of my drawings when I was 13.

    One of my drawings when I was 13.